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LED screen technology

We are passionate about multimedia and the possibilities of using technology that will revolutionize the form of image and sound transmission. We understand the role of effective and attractive communication with the environment, which is why we create modern LED screens tailored to your needs.

years of experience

Since entering the market in 2008, we have been constantly expanding our experience in the design, distribution and installation of LED screens. We know very well what factors should be taken into account in order to choose the best devices for you.

completed projects

We provide visuals for huge and smaller events, as well as support sales and advertising in our clients’ industries by providing them with the best LED screen systems.

satisfied customers

Including famous Polish artists, renowned clubs of various sports disciplines, as well as chains of large stores and well-known service facilities. The group of Flexvision customers is constantly growing!

We are raising the profile of events

Can you imagine a concert, festival or grand celebration without a big screen? Neither can we! Without the big screen, what takes place on stage would never arouse in a viewer such great emotions and the feeling of participating in something special.

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