LED screens

We are the leader in the industry of large-format LED displays in Poland. The presentation of dynamic video images, freedom in the composition of surfaces, the highest level of brightness and long life of LED diodes make LED screens an extremely effective communication tool.

Our solutions are used in commercial, industrial and public buildings. You can find out investments both in Poland and abroad.

Dynamic image projection draws the attention of a larger audience, encouraging the purchase of goods and services.

Extremely high brightness parameter allows displaying images even in full sunlight.

A LED screen can be mounted both on building facades and as a free-standing element

LED screens are an alternative to traditional advertising media

LED screen tailored to your requirements

The modular design allows us to prepare a screen that perfectly suits your needs and possibilities.

The enormous brightness of the LED diode ensures perfect visibility even in sunny rooms.

The total thickness of the screen is 8cm – this is about the same as the TV set on the wall.

Light weight – a square meter of the screen weighs only 25 kg.

LED screens and INDOOR LED walls

With the FlexLine screens you have full freedom in composing the shape of the display and its surface, and thanks to the highest level of its brightness, you can display your materials even in full sunlight.

The screen has an integrated frame that can be evened with the wall or built-up in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of the place of presentation. And if you need a creative approach and the use of unusual shapes of the display, we have solutions for you to build curved, round or rounded screens.

Show every detail of your vision

Flexline INDOOR is based on mini-Led technology, allowing the display of images with brightness, depth and colors unattainable for traditional projectors. At the same time, thanks to the high resolution of modern screens, we are able to present content with a quality exceeding Full HD, without size restrictions and – most importantly – without visible frames between individual modules.


The FlexLine Outdoor line is an innovative display with an integrated assembly frame, thanks to which it does not require any additional cost of the supporting structure. The screens of this series are characterized by high aesthetics (total thickness is only 0.08 m, the display adheres directly to the wall), low weight (25 kg / sqm) and a very long service life. On request, we install automatic brightness regulators, thanks to which the lighting power of the large screen adjusts to the time of day.

Transparent screen – FlexClear

The FlexClear LED screen is a modern display with a high degree of transparency. The innovative design ensures an exceptional degree of aesthetics, simple, quick and efficient assembly, ultra-low weight (only 11 kg / sqm), intelligent control and, most importantly, high-quality display image.

Use the innovative FlexClear series screens in a creative way, choosing not only the screen size, but also the LED density (pitch from P2.6 / 5.2 up to P50), the desired degree of transparency, but also the indoor, semi outdoor or outdoor version.


LED screen technology

We are passionate about multimedia and the possibilities of using technology that will revolutionize the form of image and sound transmission. We understand the role of effective and attractive communication with the environment, which is why we create modern LED screens tailored to your needs.

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