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Are you in the event industry? Do you support conferences, concerts, sports events? If so, you certainly want to provide your customers with services based on the highest quality LED technology! We are a distributor of Absen and DiColor brands, offering modern mobile screens with a high degree of refreshment and modular design.

Rental screens, thanks to their modular (cabinet) structure, enable quick, multiple assembly and disassembly of the display. Cabinets are made of light metal alloys, equipped with specialized fixings and external power and signal sockets.

Cabinets can be connected at various angles, ensuring the achievement of various shapes (flat, convex, concave, wavy, cube-shaped, etc.).

Our offer includes a line of indoor and outdoor LED systems.

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Creativity in shapes

Thanks to the innovative connection system, you are no longer limited to a simple, classic form of a large screen. You can quickly change a flat shape to rounded, wavy, convex or concave. And that’s without the need for additional tools!

In the Polaris series screens it is possible to connect cabinets at an angle of + 10 °, ± 7.5 °, ± 5 °, ± 2.5 °, 0 °. Our LED systems are extremely accurate and stable, so you can let your creativity run wild and meet even the most extravagant ideas.

One-man installation

Fast, simple and convenient installation, thanks to the use of precisive pins and locks with the Auto-Lock and Auto-Eject system.

Freedom of configuration

Two sizes of the cabinets (500x500mm and 500x1000mm) allow for almost any configuration and adjustment of the final size of the screen in the place of the display, the creative concept and the proportions of the prepared materials.

Stack it up or hang it

Precisely designed systems of accessories for stacking and hanging screens enable quick assembly, express disassembly and full safety.

Full protection and fast service

The special design of the cabinet prevents mechanical damage to the LED modules, ensuring effective protection of your display.

The LED modules themselves are fastened with magnets, which allows for a quick, several-second replacement of the module.


LED screen technology

We are passionate about multimedia and the possibilities of using technology that will revolutionize the form of image and sound transmission. We understand the role of effective and attractive communication with the environment, which is why we create modern LED screens tailored to your needs.

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