Multimedia devices

Multimedia devices are an additional seller who is always prepared and ready to help the customer. New technologies allow the involvement of many senses, including touch and movement. Contact with the device increases the interest in the offer, makes it interesting and shows new possibilities in a modern and multimedia version. The most popular devices are touch screens, interactive tables or interactive kiosks.

The kiosks are set in a highly damage-resistant cases. It provides adequate ventilation and protection of devices placed inside. Kiosks (interactive kiosks) are equipped with cooling, heating and overvoltage protection systems. It is possible to select the front panel according to the customer’s needs. The kiosk is operated using a touch screen. All hardware parameters of the computer and monitor used are selected according to an individual order. As standard, the multimedia kiosk is equipped with a 49 ” LCD screen with SAW touch pad, stereo speakers and a modern computer with very good technical parameters. Flexvision manufactures devices at the customer’s request by adjusting the most important parameters.

Interactive kiosk. Perfect for offer presentation or for fun.

Multimedia table. Low or high touch table for data presentation or for fun.

Multimedia floor. Combines graphics, animation and sound. Uses interactive effects.

LED floor. A great source of the “WOW effect”. Makes the event more attractive.


LED screen technology

We are passionate about multimedia and the possibilities of using technology that will revolutionize the form of image and sound transmission. We understand the role of effective and attractive communication with the environment, which is why we create modern LED screens tailored to your needs.

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