Digital Signage

Digital Signage is used wherever the eyes of your client can reach. It is an excellent alternative to the static, boring visualization of traditional media (posters or billboards). It enables comprehensive broadcasting of content precisely matched to the profile of recipients, place and time. Thanks to the use of a central content management system, the user can easily change the information broadcast at any time and manage many independent displays, even thousands of kilometers apart.

The savings are also a huge advantage: Digital Signage is attractive in terms of budget and does not require constant supervision and investment compared to traditional media (newspapers, leaflets, radio and TV advertisements).

Our DS systems are a combination of LED and LCD displays distributed by us with the solutions of BrightSign – the global leader of players and software.

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Dynamics: presentation of any content, including advertising animation

Flexibility: Instant change of the content of the message

Simplicity: easiness of setting and automatic update

Control: data security and network monitoring


LED screen technology

We are passionate about multimedia and the possibilities of using technology that will revolutionize the form of image and sound transmission. We understand the role of effective and attractive communication with the environment, which is why we create modern LED screens tailored to your needs.

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