7 LED screens for Polski Holding Nieruchomości

Next to the newly created SKYSAWA skyscraper, there is a link with the Rondo ONZ metro station, in which we have installed 7 high-resolution LED screens of a total area of 30.46 sq m.

The LED system will be used to display information materials about the SKYSAWA complex, advertising materials as well as to present materials from the area of culture and art.

The distinguishing feature is the ability to emit materials in any configuration of screens: on each separately, in specific groups and on the whole treated as one screen with dimensions of 11.2 m x 2.72 m.


  • Large display
  • High resolution

Technologies used

  • P 1,86mm LED screen
  • Resolution 6020 px x 1462 px

Possibilities of use

  • Public institutions
  • Public area


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